Delays in receiving luggage and loss are among the main occurrences on trips

The use of travel insurance allows coverage with full indemnity, even if the airline is not responsible.

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28 de April de 2021

São Paulo, December de 2018 – The end of the year is the time to plan your dream vacation trips. Checking destinations, booking tickets and hotels, scheduling tours and arranging currency exchange is part of the routine. However, it is uncommon to think about the mishap that means luggage that is slow to arrive, or even lost, and how inconvenient this type of event is during a trip.


“The delay in receiving and even lost luggage is one of the most common occurrences that we receive at our centers, and results in one of the biggest travel setbacks. Including and mainly because, in addition to the usual items, travelers often carry gifts, souvenirs, as well as essential items for the trip. In the case of one-way flights, they are usually specific garments for strict seasons, or even equipment for certain purposes – among them, baby care accessories, for example, ”says Fabio Pessoa, manager responsible for the Travel Insurance segment at Omint .


What can travel insurance do in these situations?


Omint Travel Insurance fully bridges the gap between the insured and the airline in case of delay and loss. “It is worth mentioning that the loss is formalized by insurance only after being recognized by the airline. Whether it is liable or not, Omint Travel Insurance presents the differential of providing complete coverage, with full compensation and highly qualified service in these delicate moments ”, explains the executive.


Main causes of lost luggage and what to do to avoid It


According to Fabio Pessoa, connecting flights, failures during check-in, tag detachment, thefts in the internal area of the airport and even simple mistakes, when passengers pick up their suitcase thinking they are theirs, are among the most common causes of lost luggage.


To avoid this type of situation, the executive advises some essential precautions:


  • Attention to check-ins very close to departure times: in addition, before purchasing flights, pay attention to very short connections, less than 1 hour on domestic flights and 2 hours on international flights. “Even more if changing airlines, the risk increases”, he explains.
  • Eliminate tags from previous flights: they can confuse airport operators. “Whenever the traveler arrives at his destination, it is appropriate to remove the tags and leave the suitcase totally free of this information”, points out Fabio Pessoa.
  • Bags identified with labels and different elements: the executive, in addition to advising the use of labels attached to the handles of the bags, recommends props that make your bag difficult to be confused. “From handkerchiefs and bows tied to the handle to a different color, the important thing is that the luggage has elements that make it unique for the traveler to identify,” he emphasizes.
  • Avoid flashy accessories: msuitcases that have sophisticated details, according to the executive, call the attention of misdemeanors, both inside and outside the airport. “If possible, better to reconsider the use”.

Additionally to the advices above, Fabio Pessoa advises that travelers always carry hand luggage with a change of clean clothes and essential items, such as medicines and personal hygiene items. “In addition, according to the airport security guidelines, emphasize, never check in cell phones, portable electronics, cell phones, jewelry, cash, credit cards or other valuables in your bag. They appear on the x-ray and can draw the attention of misdemeanors ”, he concludes.


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