Dental implants are an effective and practical alternative, as well as definite safe.

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29 de April de 2021

Nothing can replace healthy teeth, but when an infection or an accident leads to the loss of any of them, it’s good to know that there are options to return your smile: dental implants.


Dental implants are an effective and practical alternative. They are made of titanium, a material that is fully compatible with the human body and can be used to replace a single tooth, two or more nearby teeth or even to fix complete dentures (dentures).


The Omint Clinic has highly trained professionals who, through a previous evaluation, will be able to identify the real needs of the patient and propose the best alternative to recover the best smile.


Single tooth implant
This treatment replaces the roots of the lost tooth and does not involve wear on adjacent teeth. If the surrounding teeth are healthy, they will remain intact, without suffering any damage. The implant stabilizes your bite and helps prevent problems caused by missing teeth, such as bone loss and tooth movement.


Bridges supported by implant and Dentures
In cases where the loss affected more than one tooth, implants are also indicated. They can be used as support for fixed prostheses (bridge type), replacing missing teeth in a certain region of the mouth.In cases where the loss affected more than one tooth, implants are also indicated. They can be used as support for fixed prostheses (bridge type), replacing missing teeth in a certain region of the mouth.


In addition, in cases where all teeth in an arch (upper, lower, or both) are lost, implants are useful and well-suited to allow adequate retention and stability of total dentures (dentures), leading to significant improvement of chewing quality.


Procedure steps:
After initial evaluation, your dentist will check the need for replacing a lost tooth and your case will be referred to the Implantodontist, a dentist specialized in the installation of dental implants.


After evaluating the region, with the help of computed tomography, the Implantodontist will select the best type and appropriate size of implant to be installed in your case. The first stage of treatment consists of a surgical procedure to install the implant at the missing tooth site. This procedure is done under local anesthesia.


After 3 to 6 months (period necessary for the implant to adhere to the adjacent bone), a new and simpler procedure is performed, to expose the implant and prepare the gingiva to receive the porcelain prosthesis, which will be attached to the implant.


Finally, in the last stage of treatment, an artificial porcelain tooth is attached to the implant. This tooth will be made based on the color and shape of the adjacent teeth, for the best possible aesthetic and functional results.


For who?
If you are in good health, your gums and jawbone can support an implant, this treatment is a great option. Patients with chronic diseases such as Diabetes, for example, in chronic use of drugs, as well as smokers must request an evaluation from the dentist to verify the feasibility of treatment with dental implants.


Oral hygiene care is essential in maintaining implants. This is important so that, after installed, the implants have a long life.


Other considerations
Implants performed according to appropriate criteria and following established protocols, have a high success rate. Some factors can contribute to the failure and loss of implants, such as local situations (poor hygiene, for example), inadequate techniques (which do not follow established protocols) and general conditions of the patient (such as chronic diseases and smoking).


Regular visits to the dentist are essential to oral health. Your dentist will suggest a home care routine to meet your needs. Consult your dentist.

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