cutting edge technology


We do not save investments when it comes to biosafety and quality of service.  You can see the impact of this decision in our Digital Radiology Center.  The devices emit 90% less radiation than the conventional ones on the market, do not use traditional films and perform exams with high definition images. It is also possible to perform 3D CT scans, panoramic and periapital X-rays within the clinic itself.  The accuracy of diagnoses is unmatched, as is the quality of care and the clinic’s facilities.


We think of everything to make you feel good, even inside the clinic and the procedure rooms.  The procedure chairs and operating tables are specially designed to provide comfort to you, the patient, and the professionals who operate it. This speeds up the service, improves the quality of the service and you only realize that you went to the dentist when you look in the mirror and see a beautiful smile on your face. 

Cerec 3-D

(Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics) Taking care of the details up close makes the difference when you need a dental prosthesis ready in less than 2 hours.  With Cerec 3D we are one of the few clinics in Brazil capable of making a pure, resistant and extremely quality ceramic product. In times when time is our greatest treasure, we want to make sure that you can use yours with what really matters. 


Caring is having the ability to see what is invisible to the eyes. To understand the importance of this competence, we equip our Dental Clinic with the exclusive PerioScan, a laser device that detects and removes the hidden tartar inside the gums. The precision is unmatched and the result is in the most well-maintained smiles in Brazil. 


Providing detailed diagnoses is the first step in providing your oral health with the necessary care. Our Oral Scanner performs clinical examinations with high resolution micro cameras, facilitating the visualization of infiltrations, cracks and cavities. The images can be sent to you or to another professional who is accompanying your treatment. 


We care about your health as a whole.  That is why we invest in equipment that performs exams with significantly reduced radiation exposure. The 3D CT scanner is one of them.  Its state-of-the-art technology ensures accurate images and diagnostics for implants and included teeth with speed and a wealth of information for responsible professionals. 



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