Align your teeth with comfort, discretion and freedom with the Invisalign treatment!

With Invisalign, only your smile appears

The orthodontic treatment made with Invisalign technology aligns your teeth with comfort, discretion and precision, it consists of a series of transparent removable and personalized aligners, which are changed periodically to gradually move your teeth to the ideal position, optimizing the health of your smile.

Invisalign’s aligners are made using the highest technology of 3D model printing that transforms your moldings into a custom-made device for each stage of your treatment.

With Invisalign, only your smile appears.
Invisalign is almost invisible. Virtually no one will realize that you are under treatment. Invisalign technology is your ally in the practice of physical activities. You guarantee the best performance for your orthodontic treatment, and also prevent injuries to your mouth, such as those caused by fixed braces.

Even the gums are healthier with Invisalign.
Properly aligned teeth help the gums to adapt better to their surroundings, which can provide better periodontal health. Invisalign aligners are completely removable and allow complete oral hygiene, bringing much more benefits to your health.

To clean your teeth effortlessly.

Orthodontic treatment using Invisalign technology works with fully removable aligners. So, you can eat everything without any restrictions, and cleaning is very practical and easy.

Did you know that treatment with Invisalign technology can be carried out in segmented areas of your dental arch?
This gives the opportunity to you who are already in some dental treatment, or even, who have a prosthetic implant can also have your longed for smile.

Only Invisalign technology brings an orthodontic treatment that has millions of satisfied patients worldwide.
Did you know that each aligner used in a treatment made with Invisalign technology, has the case number of each patient recorded? It is fully customized, guaranteeing the acquisition of an authentic product, of the highest quality, registered and controlled by Brazilian health agencies.

95% of customers already attended have approved the Invisalign treatment, join them and have a whole new smile.

Treatment process
Understanding treatment better can help you have more confidence in your decision to transform your smile.

Step 1 – Initially, your dentist, accredited by Invisalign, will take pictures, perform x-rays and other dental exams to help create your treatment plan.

Step 2 – Next, the manufacturer of transparent aligners Invisalign uses these exams, along with the treatment prescribed by your dentist, to create a customized 3D treatment plan just for you.

Step 3 – Custom aligners will be manufactured and shipped to your dentist’s office.

Step 4 – You will receive your series of custom aligners (usually 3-4 games at a time) to use every day and change them periodically.

Step 5 – You should see your dentist every 6-8 weeks, on average, to monitor your treatment progress and receive the next set of aligners.

Step 6 – After finishing treatment with Invisalign aligners, you may need to use restraints to help ensure that the new position of the teeth is maintained.