Throughout your life you build your dreams. Gradually, the achievements come and soon begin to have a greater goal than personal satisfaction. Your highest priority will be to provide a standard of comfort and tranquility for your family.

Being able to count on Omint Life Insurance means protecting your legacy and the people most important to you, with the necessary support to pay for the education of your children, maintenance of your house, financing, among other commitments, when stabilizing your financial capabilities is a concern.
During your life you can generate an intense flow of resources. The first step in planning and having each asset under control is to choose the best protection for your life path.

We want to help you to protect your achievements, the heritage you intend to build and the legacy you will leave for the people you love. Count on us to manage financial risks and preserve your resources with guaranteed liquidity in cases of serious illness, disability or even fatality.
You got there! You have acquired an important asset and you do not want to allow it to be squandered by taxes, fees and a lengthy inventory process that wears out your family and can leave everything you have built vulnerable.

We think of every detail to guarantee the beneficiaries financial resources free of taxes and inventory, for the transmission of the patrimony, may it be fixed assets or investments. The amount received can also be used to pay the ITCMD, attorneys' fees, notary fees, among others.

Life insurance is not considered an asset. This means that you can freely stipulate your beneficiaries.

Benefits for the company

The best life insurance for each of your employees.


  • Death
  • MA ( Death due to Accident).
  • IPA (Total or Partial Permanent Disability due to Accident).
  • Funeral (individual or family) up to R $ 10,000.00.
  • See other coverage options depending on the product.

benefits for all


The cost of insurance can be deducted from income tax as an operating expense in the case of taxation on taxable income.

Transfer of support for families to the insurance company, streamlining processes.

Decrease in judicial conflicts.

Strengthening the brand as a company that values ​​its employees.

Differential from competitors in terms of employee benefits.


Financial support and assistance for the family at the moment of the loss of a loved one.

The insurance policy does not account for debts, mortgages and does not go into inventory.

Cost of getting group life insurance is more attractive compared to life insurance contracted individually.

Quick release of compensation to the family.


Social Responsibility: Assistance to employee family members is a relevant factor in an organization that wants to be positively recognized for their management and this concern beyond work is fundamental.

Retention of talent.

Protection of employees families.

Benefit of high relevance with excellent cost-benefit.

our service


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