With the declaration of the Covid-19 pandemic by the WHO, Omint Life Insurance clarifies some points about its policy.

In the current period of the pandemic caused by the new coronavirus, Omint, assuming its responsibility as an insurer, reiterates that the health and quality of life of its customers is the top priority of that moment.

In view of this, we announced a series of initiatives to face the scenario that has been outlined since March 2020. These actions include since remote work, in which at the moment we operate with full force, fully able to give the appropriate support to our customers and brokers with the signature Omint quality ever.

They also include the extraordinary payment of claims (indemnities) for death, funerals, daily allowances for hospitalization and permanent disability that happen as a result of Covid-19, even if the epidemic and pandemic coverage are excluded from the General Conditions of the respective insurance. The decision is valid for all current Omint Seguros Individual and Group Life policies.

For new sales, the decision will apply to claims that occur after 90 days from the date of contracting the insurance.

With our expertise in health management through the largest operator of the premium segment in Brazil, Omint also assumes its social responsibility in monitoring the scenario, having in the core of its operation the most referenced professionals, hospitals and laboratories in Brazil.