Quality Policy

May 2018

The Management of OMINT Serviços de Saúde Ltda is committed to implementing and continuously improving its Quality Management System in order to maximize the satisfaction of its customers, through:

 1. Identifying their needs;

 2. Offering products that provide access to medical and dental services of the highest quality and efficiency;

 3. Compliance with the commitments agreed with its customers;

 4. A personalized and cordial service at the highest quality;

 5. Reciprocal collaboration with its providers guided by the mutual commitment to provide excellent medical and dental services;

6. Adequate training for its employees;

7. Continuous improvement of its processes;

8. Compliance with applicable legal, regulatory and normative requirements;

 This Department is also committed to leading and permanently supporting the understanding, application and compliance with this Quality Policy, as well as providing an optimal organizational climate through the joint effort of all its employees.