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No vaccine is required when traveling to Western European countries. But take the opportunity to keep your immunization card up to date.

Visa and passport

Brazilians need a visa to enter England. But they don’t need to get a tourist visa before leaving Brazil.

To explain further, the entry visa as a tourist and visiting student (up to six months) to England is obtained when disembarking at the airport in England. Upon arrival, Brazilians and all foreigners are subjected to immigration checks where the tourist visa can be approved or rejected. The immigration agent does a short interview with the foreigner who is arriving to assess him and decide whether to approve the visa or not. This assessment is based entirely on the decision of the immigration officer, who will judge whether your story is true to grant the visa.

The most common visa types for Brazilians are tourist or student. The tourist visa is valid for 6 months, with the possibility of an extension for another 6, upon obtaining an extension of the tourist visa with the British Consulate in Brazil, before your trip.

Since April 21, 2011, to enter England as a student for points (tier 4 / renque 4) for more than six months, it is necessary to receive the CAS, through the school, before obtaining a pre-visa (entry clearance) from the Consulate British in Brazil before his trip.

Even if the person has a pre-visa obtained in Brazil in advance, the final entry visa is obtained from the immigration officer at the airport. The duration of the student visa varies according to the period of study.

Points students (tier 4 / renque 4) can work in the UK legally part-time or during holidays, for a maximum of 20 hours per week, unless the work is part of a university study and approved by the educational institution .

To obtain a student visa, it is necessary to show documents evidencing the course, such as a letter from the school confirming the course. Evidence of housing is also desirable to facilitate visa approval, for both student and tourist, such as student residence, family home, hotel, inn, etc. Also find out about the new UK Visa Points System for Students, including CAS and [i] entry Clearance [/ i].

In addition, documents that prove the trip as a tourist or business assist in this process, money (in kind and international credit card), vouchers from the hotel or the company you are visiting on business and the Seguro Viagem Internacional are items that you should not forget .

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