Under the slogan “renovation”, we were born in Argentina with the mission of caring for people.


We arrived in Brazil on October 28th. We brought with us the originality of a medical service focused on health and prevention, not disease. Human proximity and mutual respect pointed the direction of what would be our greatest differential.


We launched Omint dental plans, the first proof of our integrated vision of health, which has been with us until today.


We started selling Omint Skill plans, created to serve companies with different hierarchical levels, but who want to maintain the standard of structure and quality of service of Omint Premium plans.


Our comprehensive Health plans come to life and inaugurate the segment of plans with medical and dental coverage included in the same contract.


A new plan, Omint Access, guarantees access to the best of medicine, with all the exclusivity and excellence that we can provide.


The achievement of ISO 9001 Certification becomes a reflection of the excellence that we seek in all our activities.


We created one of the most exclusive plans on the market. Omint Estilo, the first to offer coverage for aesthetic plastic surgery.


The family grew to the point that 2009 was a milestone in our history. We created Vila Omint, our current headquarters, which was named after President Juan Carlos Villa Larroudet. Providing comfort, practicality and preserving the most intimate relationship with our associates. Also in 2009, we also inaugurated Omint Berrini, which started offering services such as reimbursement, in addition to housing one of the units of the Omint Dental Clinic.


Premium Assistance, the forerunner of Omint Seguro Viagem, arrived in Brazil, with traveler assistance services and the same standard of excellence as Omint. Health plans now have this benefit.


We expanded our portfolio of plans with the arrival of Omint Corporate, a solution for companies and families that want the high quality of the Omint accredited network, where the doctor-patient relationship takes center stage.


We developed a new product for our customers: Omint Seguros. We debuted in a new segment with Group Life Insurance, consolidating ourselves in the Brazilian market as providers of a very high quality service, with excellence in processes and customer service, characteristic of the company.
Thus, we expanded our portfolio of solutions focused on protecting the family and life.