Social and Environmental Responsibility

Ensuring the health of the planet and communities is part of our plan.

Caring is much more than a service. It is a vocation. This explains why, for us, it is impossible to think about the quality of life of our customers without first looking carefully at the preservation of the planet we share. It is part of our plan to encourage, support and finance important projects for society. And our employees share this responsibility with us.

Discover the works we are so proud of:

Cruz de Malta Assistance Center

Since 1957 working in Brazil with the mission of assisting needy families in São Paulo, the association provides free care to families with poor health, low education or without a defined income source.
Motivated by humanitarian actions, we join the Cross of Malta to assist in the development of these communities. In addition to financial sponsorship, our team is directly involved in several voluntary actions.

Smile Solidarity
We are responsible for supplying the Cruz de Malta offices with dental materials, throughout the year.

Oral Action
Twice a year we provide services for the promotion, prevention and recovery of oral health for the children of the Cross of Malta. Awareness starts at a breakfast at the Institution. After eating, the children go on to a series of activities on hygiene, brushing and fluoride application. Always in a playful and stimulating atmosphere.

Happy Easter
Every year we carry out a large egg donation campaign among our employees to sweeten the Easter of children benefited by the Cross of Malta.

Christmas party
See to it that the most magical time of the year comes to life among children served by the Cross of Malta. This is the responsibility of several employees of our team, who volunteer every year to bring the Christmas spirit to the institution. Together, we have a beautiful Christmas Party, with everything we are entitled to: food, activities and gifts acquired individually, taking into account the characteristics of each child.

Project Include
The long-dreamed first job or an important professional relocation are some of the goals that we help young people and professional adults to achieve. To this end, we hold cycles of lectures and training workshops twice a year, where people looking for an opportunity in the market can improve their presentation, posture, conduct and knowledge, or even develop their current career. Regardless of their hierarchical level.

Conservation of public spaces

We are responsible for the conservation of the square and gardens around Vila Omint, as well as the walkway that connects Cidade Jardim Station to Parque do Povo (Mário Pimenta Camargo Municipal Park), in the capital of São Paulo.

Disposal of light bulbs

We have a certified company responsible for the collection, treatment and responsible disposal of fluorescent lamps, avoiding soil contamination by mercury.

Donations and selective collection

In addition to specific campaigns to donate food, clothing, toys and books, we donate all the recyclable material discarded in our units to help institutions increase their income.