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Omint Life Insurance guarantees payment of indemnities for covered events, even those caused by the new coronavirus.

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What is the difference between travel insurance and travel assistance?

Many people might get confused, but the difference between insurance and assistance goes far beyond words.

Travel Insurance refers to some specific coverages that pay an indemnity when events provided for in the policy occur and are reimbursed shortly after the return of the passenger to the country of origin.

In the case of Travel Assistance, when there is an emergency during the trip, the passenger will have at his disposal a package of coverage and benefits guaranteed by the product purchased.  He won’t have to pay the expenses on the spot.  Everything is provided and paid directly by the assistance.

Did you know that all Omint Seguro Viagem coverage includes assistance services?  It seems just a detail, but we take care of that because we know the difference it can make when you need it most.

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